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About Us

Welcome to Ruppert Marketing Inc.

At Ruppert Marketing Inc. we believe in Local Business.  Local business is the heart and soul of every community.  We are extremely passionate about supporting local businesses and their goals. Ruppert Marketing Inc. truly believes any business can be a global competitor. Whether you want to conquer your local market or be a world contender, we’ve got you covered

Who We Are

Hello and Welcome to Ruppert Marketng Inc. My name is Charles Ruppert, owner of Ruppert Marketing Inc. I started my internet marketing career in 2008, as a General Contractor in Butte, Montana, where I marketed my own business online.  After the housing market crash of 2011, my career moved to affiliate marketing, selling others products online.

Fast forward a few years  and I found myself on a webinar regarding selling mobile apps to local businesses. I was amazed how these mobile apps could potentially revolutionize the way marketing was done, just through the use of a cell phone. That two hour webinar changed my life and Ruppert Marketing Inc. was off and running. Since then I have never looked back! A lot has changed over the years and it has been one amazing ride!

The thing I love about local marketing is that there’s nothing we can’t do for a company or business. Often in the marketing world, you hear, “We can’t afford your marketing services.” Not with Ruppert Marketing Inc. No matter what the size of budget, we can create a marketing campaign to get you started.

At Ruppert Marketing, if we’re  doing our job well,  we are driving new customers to your store, to your website, and/or to your Social Media, resulting in more profits for your business. It’s our job to get your customers coming back again and again, all which can be done with a successful marketing campaign.

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