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3.196 Billion

With this many users around the globe, Social Media is a great way to build your web presence.

2.958 Billion

Rising mobile opportunities with Social Networks allow you to reach people you would not otherwise reach in traditional media.


While social media platforms are free and easy to set up, they require careful planning and timing. With having social media experts manage your online profiles, you can concentrate on building a community around your brand and free up your time, so you can do more and sell more.

Social Media develops a tangible following for your business. It increases your brand's exposure and boosts the traffic directed to your website. With Facebook and Instagram providing business-oriented features such as targeted marketing and e-commerce sections set up in profiles, your business has more opportunities to reach out to your market.


We handle everything from ideation of your content calendar and design to optimizing your ad campaigns and reporting. We will show you insights on the metrics that truly matter.

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Our packages include posts on Facebook that will also get published on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook has the biggest social media network that sits at 2.2 billion monthly active users. Much like Google, Facebook has algorithms to determine the posts that get delivered to users’ news feeds.

In a recent update, Facebook said content from pages will reach fewer people, making it harder for businesses to enter personal news feeds. We will handle your advertising to make sure your content maintains visibility to your target market, whether they have already liked your page or not.


Find the users who will most likely be interested in what you offer

Logging onto Facebook is already a part of people’s everyday lives— it’s a matter of you finding the right audience from this existing pool of potential customers.

  • Facebook uses advanced profiling data for brands to hyper target a specific audience with filters such as online behavior, location, age, interests, and more.
  • It has robust tools that allows you to craft a content strategy that tailors to people you know would be highly susceptible to your brand.
  • We build the campaigns on Facebook from scratch. You can get ad placements on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook’s Audience Network.

Content is created for your business monthly

Expect a set of professional visual ads on a monthly basis, including stunning graphics, engaging ad copies, and tailored captions.

  • Choose the services or products that you want to highlight. We will follow the guidelines that we will agree upon and align posts with your goals.
  • We will have the creative license to create the posts, ads, ad copies, and captions. You have the option to view the content and suggest revisions before they get published. Approval needs to be done promptly, otherwise it would slow down the process greatly. Unapproved posts by their scheduled time of posting will be left unpublished.
Social Media Marketing

Focus on the metrics that matter

Increasing ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ is a tempting concept, but these are vanity metrics only. There is little point in growing these numbers if none of them are actually interested in what you offer.

Facebook advertising can help you increase awareness and consideration for your brand online. This is ideal if you are a new or small business trying to gain traction on social media, introducing your brand, driving traffic to your site, or building trust with

Onboarding Requirements

▪Admin access to social media accounts

▪  Access to Facebook business manager or ad account

▪  Paid promotions budget to be paid for separately

▪  Filled out intake form

Customer Service

Generating Leads

Social Media Marketing

Building Fans

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