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Video Ads that convert

When you start looking into video advertising services, you may wonder about the benefits of using video advertising for your business. Here are four benefits to investing in video advertising services.

Videos are extremely powerful for helping your business earn conversions. Simply by including a video on your landing page, you increase your conversion rate up to 80 percent. Investing in video advertising services can help your business earn more conversions.

Ruppert Marketing

Initial Account Creation

Configuring the campaign settings, building ad groups, creating ads, keyword research and adding keywords, setting location targeting, setting delivery schedules, mobile vs. PC adjustments, etc. This builds the initial campaign environment to launch the campaign and to begin generating clicks.


Facebook is a great social media site for sharing videos. It’s easy for your audience to watch and share videos organically on this platform. Facebook also offers paid advertising videos to help you reach new leads.


Instagram’s main focus is on photos and videos, so it’s very common to see video advertisements on this platform. You can create video ads that seamlessly blend into users’ newsfeeds and capture new leads.


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world because so many people search for videos on their platform. It creates a great opportunity for you to upload videos and create video advertisements to reach new subscribers.

Bespoke Marketing Plans

Convertion Tracking Code Installation

To provide the data needed to optimize AdWords and determine an advertising ROI.

Search Ad Optimization

Ongoing efforts to maximize campaign performance by replacing low-performance ads with new ad versions more similar to high-performing ads.

Device Bid Optimization

Ongoing efforts to maximize campaign performance by managing bid adjustments across different ad delivery platforms: PC vs. Mobile vs. Tablet.

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Website Creation

Need a website? We built WordPress websites for your business that is specially designed to acquire leads.

UX Design

Design is everything. It’s the first impression you impart on your customers. Impress them in a good way!


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